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Román Lacrouts, Ronroco - 2022

Román Lacrouts

I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in July 1982. Since I was a child I liked music. I studied keyboard, guitar, singing and had brief encounters with percussion and other instruments. I went to industrial school, which makes me a bit structured and a fan of technology, although I don't want to admit it... I like painting and photography. The first only appreciate it, the second I have practiced a little. Returning to music, I have participated in several formations over the years, mostly in Argentine folklore, a genre for which I trained at the Manuel de Falla Conservatory of Music with great teachers and musicians. In 2012 I released my first solo album "Quiero mirar", with compositions of mine that were born up to that moment. In 2013 I undertook one of the greatest adventures of my life, traveling... Making music with Mayra Benitez and our NUNA project, I toured several cities and towns in Mexico and in 2014 we continued through Europe. An incredible experience. Upon my return to Buenos Aires and after trying my luck with other concerns, for example carpentry, I became a teacher at the EMPA -School of Popular Music of Avellaneda- where I teach Afro-Latin American music. In 2016 I joined Olvidé San Telmo and Banda de Sikuris el Ombligo. Nowadays I found in Ronroco (baritone Charango) the place and starting point where I can express all the music that I have inside, compose without labels or secrecy, a bit of everything I am, my story made music in songs. Nowadays I'm working on my new album, original music for Ronroco. (May 2024)


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